Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crazy and Disorganized

Very slow going... I keep bouncing back and forth between collage/painting, then back to sewing, and back and forth. I found this wonderful youtube video making artist named Suziblu- she has inspired me so much! I can't stop watching her videos. I have been painting and gluing and sketching like crazy for the first time in a long time; it is so much fun! I have about 20 items to sell, but they are all about two-thirds finished. So now I am trying to get serious and finish them one by one before starting anything new. I have finally set up my Etsy shop, and the user name I picked is Bluefingerstudios. I had to pick a name to sign up, and at the time my fingers were very blue from dying fabric and painting, so there it is- my new name. Eventually I hope to consolidate all my selling under this new name. Nothing in my fabulous new shop yet... I will post the link when shop opens. Now I am trying to find time to create a brand new banner that can go on the top of my blog, my shop, my Ebay about me page, and anyplace else I want to paste it! Hopefully that will be my next post. Until then, I must get back to painting/gluing/sewing/ etc....
A couple pics of work in progress-

Friday, April 18, 2008

Play Day

I have declared today a play day. Was feeling pretty stressed, so I decided that even tho I have no cashola, I would go to the local super pricey store and buy art supplies to pick up my spirits. The pretty and sunny day helped too. I BOUGHT CRAYONS! And I mean the big box, people. 96 gorgeous colors to play with. And, 4 pink colors of paint to play with also. I always buy all the pretty blue and green colors, but I had almost no red or pink. Since I decided to practice painting faces again I will need them.
I am having swirling thoughtitis- so many projects I want to do... Painting, collage, sewing, quilting, journal, writing, blah blah blah yatta yatta. So I guess my main goal for this weekend is to make goals. First is going to have to be to make some money, but I also have to get to these other things also. I'm making a list of the projects in my head so that I will not stress so much- just work down the list and add more as I go along! It really does help to dump them on paper and move on.
Well, to follow up on previous posts, this is the big quilt show weekend. I never got the fabric done to sell there, and they never sent me the ap to sell there, so that was a big wash. Dying fabric is on the project list though, and I will sell it online while looking for other quilt shows once it is ready. I'm also going to make pretty stuff to sell with my hand dyed fabric, probably on Etsy. Watch for my store opening in the next couple of weeks...
Once I gave myself permission to do this stuff my head is exploding with ideas- The only difference between a working artist and a starving artist is marketing skills. There are so many great resources on the net to help, inspiring people to uplift you and keep you going, and very good examples of successful artists to follow, I can't remember why I didn't do this before.

Monday, April 7, 2008


I sit around waiting, but find out now that the big box with my future inside has not left to come to me yet... I really need that box to come. I have not been able to sleep since this whole thing started- I need to work hard if I'm ever going to sleep again. They say it should be here tomorrow, but the show I need to have an inventory for is in 12 days! If I am to enter it, I need my supplies! Oh UPS guy, I hope you have a lead foot and a good safety record...

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Big Day Has Finally Arrived!

I have wanted to live my creative dream forever, but as many people have experienced that dream was pushed away by demands of everyday life, like earning a living. I let my dreams almost die because of worrying how to pay the electric bill each month. Well- not now. I realize that after putting these dreams off till later my whole life, later was never gonna come! I arrive at middle age seeing that I only have so much time left, and if I don't do this stuff now it will never happen!
Soooo, this week, for the first time in my life, I have been told that the job I HATE no longer welcomes my presence thank you very much, and I will consider this to be my soul-saving blessing in disguise. With what money I have left from ex-job, I have just now mailed away for a huge box of amazing supplies from Dharma, and having NO income at this point I will start my adventure. Very Scary!
Right now all the negative thoughts are swirling in my head- "what are you thinking? you will be homeless! You are no artist! Get a job!
I have been fairly successful for one week now shooting these down with positive thoughts- a very new process to me. If others can do this, then so can I! I am so grateful to the people who have blogged similar situations lately- You all have no idea how much your words mean to me.
Online order was this AM, which is Friday, so now I have to wait until Monday for UPS guy to bring me my future. Come on, UPS!
Thanks for letting me ramble- until next post- praying and crossed fingers- Maureen